Sunday, April 1, 2012

April 1: Genesis 27

We are reading Genesis 27 today.
  1. The trickery in this chapter is crazy when you think about it. Rebekah had her youngest son dress up in goat skin (which means his older brother was insanely hairy) and then trick his blind father to get his blessing. This is some seriously messed up stuff.
  2. But in Jacob’s defense, remember when his older brother traded his birthright for some soup?
  3. Jacob’s name means “tricker” or “deceiver”... and that’s exactly what he did. And Isaac was furious. Talk about a Jerry Springer-style family!
There’s not a lot of application for us today. It’s more of a back story to the life of Jacob. Normally we’d think that tricking your parent is wrong and it probably is. However, God used this situation to bring good and we’ll read about that in the coming chapters.

- Written for Verve by Tommy Altman