Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Questions: Touch

This week we saw Jesus encounter a leper in our The Jesus You Never Knew series. If you missed the message, you can listen to it here. Below you'll find some questions you can use to process the message on your own, with your Verve Micro Group, or with a friend...

  1. What childhood disease made you the sickest as a child? What are your memories of being sick? (How did it make you feel? What did you miss out on? Who did you want to hold you?)
  2. Read Luke 5:12-16
  3. Back then, leprosy was considered the worst, most contagious disease. People with leprosy were thought to be cursed by God with it, so they were viewed not only as sick, but as sinful. And religious leaders, like the rabbis, prided themselves on staying away from sick and sinful people, on being totally unapproachable.
  4. Jesus was a religious leader, a rabbi. And yet this leper feels like it's okay to approach Jesus. What do you think it was about Jesus that made the leper feel like he could approach him?
  5. No one would touch a leper, because of fear of being infected with leprosy. But Jesus reaches out and touches this man. What does that say to you about God's willingness to reach out to you, even in your sickness and sinfulness?
  6. We learn in this story that Jesus is willing and able to heal. This is obviously true of disease, but do you think Jesus can heal our "sin sickness" as well?
  7. What does the Bible say about that in 2Corinthians 5:21?
  8. Do you believe that Jesus is willing to heal your sin sickness? Will you let Him?
  9. As Vince said, our silent cry is "Touch me, I'm sick." But it's not just our cry, it's everyone's cry. Who are some of the people God has put in your life who need to be touched with the love of God? Who in ... your neighborhood, your school, your workplace, your friends, the parents of your kids' friends?
  10. What can you do this week to be contagious and infect others with the wellness and love of God?