Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mar 31: Genesis 26

Today we’re reading Genesis chapter 26 together.
  1. In this chapter we read about Isaac facing a famine. He had to make a difficult decision to listen and trust God even though human reason would say otherwise. But God blessed him for his obedience.
  2. Then we also see how Isaac had the same problem his father, Abraham, had; he would tell other people his wife was his sister because he was afraid they’d kill him to get his wife. Isaac should have trusted God instead but in the end God used Isaac’s lack of faith to fulfill God’s plan to protect Isaac.
  3. Then we see how Isaac kept moving until no one disputed over him occupying a land. Isaac could have fought against these people but instead he moved on and tried his best to live in peace.
Isaac’s willingness to keep peace amongst his neighbors is a good lesson for us today. Often in our culture we’re told to fight for what’s ours but what if instead we became known as people who wanted peace and trusted God to protect us? It might change a lot of opinions of people who follow Jesus.

- Written for Verve by Tommy Altman